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The life changing experiences offered at The Shaman Central are designed to help Indigo Children, Star Seeds, Empaths, Channels and many others grow and align with their true purpose. Founded in 2015, The Shaman Central is located in Florida . Eric and his network are here to make an impact on the world by aiding personal journeying back to self. May all reach their full potential.


Shamanic Tour of Peru

Coming Soon

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Services We Offer at The Shaman Central


Personal Healing Sessions designed to release blockages and improve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being

clearing & cleansing of homes

A Sacred Ceremony which will remove lower vibrational portions of the universe from your place of living or work.

fire ceremony

The process of Fire Ceremony is rooted in Native American beliefs and tradition

water ceremony

The Water Ceremony will allow for the release of lower vibrational energies from the Gulf of Mexico and beyond

full moon ceremony

The Full Moon Ceremony will use the natural position of the planets to call upon healing energies to help heal people and the Earth.

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