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A junction for high vibrational beings of light

The Shaman Central is a global network designed to connect high vibrational Shamanic practitioners. It is designed with the intent to raise the consciousness on planet earth and aid an individuals personal healing journey and the collective healing journey of planet earth. The Shaman Central focuses on the fourfold being and the places and spaces on earth, the mountains, the waters, the glaciers, and other places and spaces in order to help high vibrational information and energy encompass the earth and beyond. The Shaman Central will create a network of people for the purpose of putting a protective barrier around different locations on earth to shield against lower vibrations and to allow all people to easily connect with their highest potential. All healing is done by each individual person. It can be aided by conduits however everybody is on their own personal journey and has freedom of choice to do as they so choose. The people attracted to this website are drawn here by their souls contract to seek a higher purpose for their current physical manifestation. May peace be with you.

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Eric is a Shamanic practitioner, he is trained as a Reiki master and practices the modalities of past life healing of the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional being. As well as healing of past traumas and healing of the soul with alignment to the soul's contract. His healing can connect with the spirits in the bloodline of the individual whom he is working on and help to heal family relationships. He uses Reiki healing in order to accomplish these healing methods in conjunction with the shamanic energies that flows through his being. Eric is an Ordained Minister with ULC and an Associate Minister with the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light. He is capable of clearing places and spaces and sends protection around people and places in need of assistance. Eric is a channel of divine healing energy and information.


Eric's soul tribe members of high vibration here to assist the planet evolve


Graham Scanlan

Shaman United Kingdom


Kevin Moore

International Producer and Director


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