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A Testimonial from Cornelia

I get a few of these but I wanted to share this one:

Hi Eric, feel like telling you what a wonderful synchronicity occurred after our session related to my issue moving ahead with projects. As you (or your team) recommended to me I tuned into a part time position the next day. On top of my list was this great humanitarian NGO taking care of traumatized war/refugee children. I sent them an application for a part time position telling them what I’m up to (they had no such vacancy advertised). Some days later they called me to tell me, that they are really happy about my application and invited me for a meeting. Today in the meeting they told me that they felt that I was sent by the universe because they really need someone with my skills. I’m super happy about your guidance. The step to join them feels really right and like a cause that’s dear to my heart. And a position like this in part time is almost too good to be true. Amazing!!! Blessings, Cornelia  

I am so grateful to be able to help people help people. That’s what drives me, that’s what makes the world go round. Shalom

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