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A Testimonial from Cécile

Dear Eric,

I want to thank you so much for this amazing session with you! It was deeply healing and immediately the day after I woke up the first time after a long time with a lot of energy and joy. This was amazing as my topic that brought me to you was a feeling of exhaustion that was with me since months and I didn’t expect this to change so fast.

Also now, some weeks later the changes are still there and I feel in a good mood and a lot of vitality. The meditation that the spirit guides did with me, regularily helps me to recharge. During the session I was feeling how the guides were connecting from a place of love and the energy they provided was soft but strong at the same time. And last but not least you offer with your open and kind personality a very nice, safe and relaxed start in the session.

Thank you again and I will definitely book again a session with you.


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