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A Testimonial from Kathy


I found Eric and his team of high vibrational angels, masters, teachers and healers from a YouTube video I watched called "They Call Us Channelers" with Kevin Moore. After the video, I was so excited and scheduled a Distant Shamanic Healing Session with Eric. As the day grew closer to my appointment, I was wondering if I should have booked the session. I am currently unemployed, and I didn't need to be spending any extra money. Was this going to be another "wasted" reading? The answer???? NO. This was DEFINITELY worth it. From the beginning of the session, I could feel my frustration with life just floating away. The high vibrations that I had in past years were back! They gave me such great healing energy. I felt incredible... and had so much joy that even my family noticed the change in my attitude. Eric's team immediately picked up on what my passion was and confirmed that I would, in fact, be using it to help others in the near future. I would find a regular job until I was ready to step out on my own. Finally, all of my indecisions about which way I should go were lessened. They were able to answer other questions as well, and now I am feeling more at peace with my life. If you find yourself looking for healing, or answers to help guide you along your divine path, I definitely recommend Eric and his team. It was a fantastic experience that I hope to have again.


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