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Shamanic Tour of Peru

February 21-March 2nd 2022

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This is a guided Shamanic Tour of Peru. Before you go any further you should understand that there is a liability with traveling in Peru alone, or without someone who knows these areas. One can wind up being stranded without a taxi at many of these sites or without accessibility to Uber. We are experts, I myself am an American that speaks English as my first language and mi Novia is a citizen of Peru that speaks Spanish as her first language, she is an architecture student, we are both spiritual and have mapped out the journeys very well. We will also be taking you for some of the best food you have ever had in your life, near these locations. If you are vegan or don’t eat fish, good luck explaining that to the locals. Kidding, not kidding. We will help to get something to satisfy you. We will be visiting many different sites depending on weather conditions and any applicable Peruvian laws. These sites include:

There will be one group that travels on the western coast of Peru. Cusco is a separate trip and is not the purpose of this exploration as there is many systems already set up to assist travelers in Cusco (Machu Picchu). We will also have a different comprehensive expedition for this, far beyond just Machu Picchu (expert level).

The hotel of choice for this exploration will be the Selina Miraflores because of its location both in terms of safety and accessibility to food and other necessities in Peru. Further, the cost of lodging and the different types of lodging to accommodate all visitors. For the price, you will not be disappointed. If it is your first time visiting Peru it is a humbling experience, it is very different in terms of architecture and style of living than in America or Europe. The food is tasty but do not try to eat one day old food, they do not use preservatives. The journey will be for many days and we will do the best to accommodate everyone. We will assure ,you using our own spiritual guidance and knowledge of the areas, that you will get to see pyramids (Waccas) and you will get a very good value from our tour. We are not here to gouge foreigners, everyone can use google. But this trip is not as simple as renting a car and driving. The roads in Peru are very different than in America and the trips do come with a degree of caution in some areas, as safety is always our main priority. We hope to help you have a magical trip of a lifetime

10 Days: Transportation to all sites is our responsibility. The hotel is yours. Our transportations pickup destination is the Selina in Miraflores. Delicious meals included on full day trips to Caral and other distant locations at local restaurants, the food is very tasty and authentic. Trips in Lima will require you to get your own food which is very simple; we can get you any food you would like with our Rappi for about $20; but this is not included. We will accompany requests as some are more adventurous than others and there are many possible locations. Some prefer to see one huaca or pyramid and relax others want to see many in a day. Some energies are more intense than others.

Both packages include 2 flexibility days to accommodate for rain, change in plans, possible water illness, or a pool trip. If we have an ambitious group we will go 10 days nonstop- its up to you. We will keep going until you feel you got your moneys worth :)

Professional pictures at all sites included.

*You will be visiting many spiritual vortexes in a short time period, if you are energetically sensitive please prepare yourself well before arrival.

*If you are really adventurous I will even take you overnight camping at an open Wacca (Ruins/Pyramid/vortex), bring a machete and a friend it is not for the faint of heart.

Things to know about Peru:

-Do not drink the water

-TAXIS DO NOT RUN EVERYWHERE without proper planning you can get stranded

-You need a different GPS Software called Waze

-You need to speak some Spanish or be with a translator to navigate most locations (provided)


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